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A few "new" pictures. :)

Two pictures from Tabrett's photoshoot with Neil Grigg, the first one is from his Facebook page, the second is from Holidays Away - Easter Edition, 2007, page9, this was the only magazine with a proper archive.

Two pictures as the Rabo girl, the first is the biggest I've seen so far, the other one is a drawing from this artist. I wonder if he only had the other promotional pictures to work with, or if he was lucky enough to work with Tabrett herself.

Small pictures - more of Rabo Girl. :)


I found these here. Tabrett was a part of this campaign, trying to get more tourists to visit Sydney. I couldn’t find most of these in a bigger size, only one of the magazines had a proper online archive, with pictures.
I’m sure Tab is on the first picture, but the other 3… It’s probably her but I just can’t be certain.

I'll list the magazines, in case someone stumbles upon a copy. :)
Canberra Times - 4 March 2007
Marie Claire - 7 March 2007
Sunday Magazine - 25 February 2007
Wish Magazine - 2 March 2007
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