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Vote for Tabrett in the 2012 Fangoria Chainsaw Awards! Plus Armageddon video!

Great news, Tabrett has been nominated for the Best Actress Award for her performance in The Clinic! Now we have to help her win!

The nomination is mentioned on her IMDb page too.

Rules from the Fangoria site:
While the majors struggled to give us enough fright features worthy of best-of-the-year nominations, 2011 offered a bloody good crop of indie releases—so many that for the first time, we’ve established a Best Foreign-Language Film category to honor them all. (As usual, we’re holding off on citing a few films, like A Lonely Place To Die, until they receive wider U.S. disc exposure.) And we’ve expanded to six nominees per category to include all the fine work on screen last year. Now it’s time for you to name your favorites.
E-mail your choices—one list only per person, please—to postalzone@starloggroup.com. Please be sure to vote in all categories; personal e-mails only, no mass ballots.

Deadline for ballots is April 25; winners will be announced in Fango #315, on sale in June, and at this site the same month.

The full list is here: http://www.fangoria.com/index.php/moviestv/fearful-features/6638-the-2012-fangoria-chainsaw-awards-ballot

And here's a video of the LotS cast (Tabrett, Bridget, both Craigs, and also Mark Beesley) answering some questions:
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